How can I improve my intonation while singing?

Príspevok v téme: How can I improve my intonation while singing?

Intonation refers to singing in tune or on pitch. To improve your intonation, start by practicing good ear training exercises. These can include singing along with a piano or guitar to match notes, practicing scales and arpeggios, and listening to recordings of singers with good intonation. Additionally, work on developing good vocal technique, such as proper breath control and support, which can help you sing in tune. Experiment with different singing styles and genres to improve your ability to sing in tune in various musical contexts. Finally, work with a vocal coach who can provide guidance on how to improve your intonation and provide feedback on areas for improvement.


tolles Thema! Eine gute Intonation ist beim Singen natürlich sehr wichtig. Ich denke, regelmäßiges Üben mit Tonleitern ist der Schlüssel. Am Anfang langsam und bewusst jede Note singen. Auch hilfreich sind Atemübungen. Generell viel singen, das trainiert das Gehör und die Intonation. Eventuell kann ein Gesangslehrer weitere gute Tipps geben. Viel Erfolg beim Singen! Sie können sich auch auf das Ohr beziehen kostenloseklingeltone


I would like to improve my intonation while singing. Especially when i play on guitar, it's much more difficult when i try to sing at same time and playing. Where can i find coach?


Take in the music while listening to skilled vocalists. Try to mimic their pitching or intonation by paying attention to it. On the Riyaz app, you can sing along with original songs while quickly adjusting your pitch to practice this.