How to stop Premature Ejaculating while having sex?

Príspevok v téme: How to stop Premature Ejaculating while having sex?

Some men worry about premature ejaculation (PE), and there are different systems and processes that can help them deal with this problem. It is important to remember that if you are constantly or seriously being discharged without cause, you should see a counselor, medical professional, or sex therapy. Based on your specific situation, they can give you advice that is just right for you. These are some general tips that could be helpful:

Do Kegel exercises. Building up the muscles in your pelvic floor can help you control your flow. As part of kegel exercises, the muscles that support the pelvic organs are tightened and relax. Try stopping your pee halfway to get a feel for these muscles. Once you can tell them apart, work on reliably tightening and loosening them.

Start and stop innovation:
If, during sexual activity, you feel like you're almost at your peak, stop all sexual activity and let your partner do something else exciting until the urge to release goes away. Once that is done, keep moving sexually. This method can help you keep your joy in check.

The crush method involves having your partner press down on the base of your penis for about 30 seconds when you think you're about to let go. In some cases, this can help delay release. After hitting, wait about 30 seconds and then continue with the sexual act.

Care and relaxation techniques: techniques like care contemplation and mild muscle relaxation can help lower stress and tension, which are often linked to premature discharge.

Use condoms that are thicker. A condom that is thicker can make you less sensitive and help delay discharge. Also, condoms can protect you from getting sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Masturbation before sex: Some men find that jerking off a couple of hours before they do sexual activity helps them hold it in until after the actual performance.

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