Addressed some stability issues that

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EA has released the third major update for FC 22 that seems to address the game career mode progression issues.

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Update 1.14, which was released last week (November 4) for PC but is now available on consoles, has introduced the Bucket Ball party game to the Volta Arcade rotation. The goal of this game is to score as many points as possible by lobbing balls into the opposing team bucket before the timer runs out.

In addition, the update features a fix to the Career Mode progression issue which saw players lose their previous play sessions depending on how the mode was exited.

Here is the full list of FC 22 update 1.14 patch notes:

PS5 Only

Addressed some instances of an initializing message sometimes appearing when attempting to matchmake in Division Rivals, and no matches being found. We will continue to monitor this going forward.
Gameplay 11 Addressed the following issues.

In a rare situation, the ball could be moved during a free-kick without play resuming for both sides.In some situations, the referee did not call for a foul after the goalkeeper made illegal contact with the ball carrier.Addressed some stability issues that could occur during the second half.Sometimes, goalkeepers were jumping too far forward when attempting to make a diving save.
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