Green has impressive defensive attributes

Príspevok v téme: Green has impressive defensive attributes

The seven-footer is a tough task for offensive players to handle and isn't easily moved around with his Gold Brick Wall badge. His most notable defensive stats are the 96 Interior Defence, 93 Defensive Rebounding, and 78 Block. Embiid also has six badges of Defence and Rebounding with Gold Anchor, Gold Boxout Beast, along with Gold Post Lockdown making him an incredibly strong defender in the paint.

Draymond Green has been awarded 4 NBA Championships and was named as an integral part of the All-NBA Defensive team on seven occasions. He also was awarded NBA Defensive Player of the year and leading the league in steals during 2016-2017. The multi-time champion, who was diminished when compared to his best the previous year, proved his worth again for Golden State as they won another championship thanks to his leadership skills and defense.

Green has impressive defensive attributes with Perimeter Defence of 86 per cent as well as 83 defensive rebounding and 75 Block, which makes him a pretty solid all-around defender. Alongside his good qualities, he also has nine Defence and Rebounding badges, with the Gold Anchor, Gold Post Lockdown, as well as Gold Work Horse the most noteworthy..
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