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Methadone is chemically related to opium but is completely synthetic. A group of German scientists first made methadone in the 1930s. Initially, they were searching for a painkiller that did not have the extremely addictive properties of morphine. The two scientists, Max Bockmhl and Gustav Ehrhart, synthesized a substance they called polamidon. Buy methadone online at

it came to the United States in 1947, as a pain reliever useful in treating multiple conditions. Over time, it became clear that methadone was useful in treating addictions to narcotics. With a surge in heroin addiction in the 1960s, researchers were scrambling to find a substance that would at least reduce cravings for drugs.

Methadone reduces the painful symptoms of withdrawal and helps suppress cravings for drugs for 24 to 36 hours all without providing any feelings of euphoria. in 1971, the federal government formalized the recognition of methadone as an effective recovery assistant by developing regulations governing its use in treating addiction to heroin.


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