EU to 'revenge' Australia after termination of submarine contract

Príspevok v téme: EU to 'revenge' Australia after termination of submarine contract

last week The[ has watched the situation of the Western world. After Australia "relinquished" the contract to build a diesel-poweredShaolinsubmarine that Australia had signed with France in 2016, worth up to $50 billion (about 1.67 trillion baht).

Australia turned to cooperate with the United States. and the United Kingdom (UK) in the project "Aukus Security Cooperation" (Aukus) to build a nuclear-powered submarine that is a high-tech military technology instead.

Reuters reported that France was very displeased with Australia's termination of the contract and came out to "retaliate" the United States and Australia. By stating that it was like being "betrayed by an alliance"

This is another reason that France is very dissatisfied. because the French authorities have just been aware of the termination of the contract A few hours after the announcement of the US-Australia handshake

such a situation This led to the most intense conflict between Western countries in decades. The French were very dissatisfied. even called an ambassador stationed in Australia and the United States back

Meanwhile, European Union (EU) member states have blamed the actions of Australia and the United States. in the termination of such contract

Charles Michel, president of the European Council, said: "For us, transparency and integrity is an important principle to create cooperation and a stronger alliance

And from the incident, "Clemont Beaune", the Minister for European Affairs of France, said that one thing that the European region has to consider now is Is it time? that the EU must adjust its strategy unite as more European and reduce dependence on superpowers which is a direct attack on the allied powers of Western countries as a result of the termination of the said contract

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