Kravitz's comment has received more than 1,360 likes

Príspevok v téme: Kravitz's comment has received more than 1,360 likes

the reputedly frustrated groom-to-be published his tale on reddit’s forums, in which he explained, “my fiancée, nicole, and i had chosen our wedding ceremony date, booked the venue, and notified the on the spot members of the own family of the date and the pending keep the date mailings. nicole's cousin, amber, determined out that we had announced the date and referred to as nicole upset that we had booked a marriage on her wedding date. we were careworn because amber and her boyfriend were not even engaged, however she and her boyfriend claimed that they knew that turned into the date they were getting married. they have been going to do a courthouse wedding ceremony with their families, then wanted to come to our wedding ceremony.”


Amber and her boyfriend insisted that they had planned to get married on that specific date, despite not being engaged yet. They mentioned that they were planning to have a courthouse wedding.


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Kravitz's comment has received over 1,360 likes, and her Instagram post as a whole has received over 396,840 likes as of Sunday evening.


The situation caused confusion and stress for the couple, who had already planned their wedding around their chosen date. The groom-to-be shared his story on Reddit forums, likely seeking advice or commiseration from others who had experienced similar conflicts with family members or loved ones. The situation raises questions about communication, respect for others' plans, and the importance of clear boundaries and expectations when it comes to wedding planning.


Je dôležité jasne komunikovať so všetkými zainteresovanými stranami a snažiť sa nájsť riešenie, ktoré bude vyhovovať všetkým. Možno je možné zmeniť dátum svadby alebo upraviť plány tak, aby vyhovovali želaniam Amber a jej priateľa. V konečnom dôsledku je však na manželoch, aby sa rozhodli, čo je pre ich svadobný deň najlepšie

Emma Orabelle

Despite not being engaged, Amber and her boyfriend had apparently already made plans for that specific date. The groom-to-be and his fiancée are confused as to why Amber and her boyfriend are making such a fuss, given that they had not even announced their engagement or wedding plans.

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